Your new school companion, helping students in a bind.


Denise Francisco
Denise Francisco

Tools Used

After attending No Code PH’s workshop on Adalo, I ventured into the app and tried to experiment with the features. I have had no previous experience with app building, so this was a first. It was a nice experience overall and I really hope to explore and find more apps just like Adalo. The concept of Binder came from my actual school binder, which contains almost everything I need for school. It’s bulky and kind of heavy most of the time. So, I visualized a Binder within our phones, which includes a to-do list, the students’ school schedule, and a note taking app that could replace notebooks. Another goal is to promote going paperless, which can help lessen our waste, and hopefully go zero-waste, advocating for our environment as well. Purely just a concept at the moment, but I hope that one day, this could be a reality!

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